BeanStalk Cafe

Sometimes you're hungry but you don't need the experience of sitting down, putting a napkin on your lap and trying to figure out how much to tip the waiter, but eating fast food from a greasy bag just doesn't cut it either. If you're in need of a quick and delicious breakfast, a cup of good coffee or tea, or a fantastic, freshly made sandwich, Beanstalk Cafe is here for you! We offer real food in a hip, casual setting.

We open bright and early to make sure you have time to grab something quick before work. Try the dish our customers call "brilliant": Toast Cups, which are bacon and eggs wrapped in a crispy cup of toast. Perfectly portable breakfast for people on the go! Or if you like a sweet little something in the morning, give our bread pudding a try: It's crisp on the outside, sweet and tender on the inside. Our coffee comes from the best roasters in the Bay Area, and we have a huge selection of premium blends. Our coffee is also available by the pound. Coffee aficionados be warned! Choosing just the right bean might be the hardest decision you make all day.

More About Us!

As for lunch, we focus on one thing: sandwiches. Our sandwiches are made fresh to order, using the best ingredients and locally baked bread. Our Korean "Burl Kogi" Sandwich is one of our favorite innovations. You'll love the tender meat, spicy sauce and sweet vinegar cucumbers that give the sandwich its special appeal. In addition to traditional sandwiches that highlight turkey, beef and pastrami, we also cater to our vegetarian friends. They enjoy our veggie sandwiches, which come with or without tofu. Here at Beanstalk Cafe we also have an array of salads and cold drinks to choose from.

Come have a quick, tasty and top-notch meal with us -- you'll be a regular before you know it!